Circularity Scotland Ltd. is a not-for-profit private company established on behalf of the industry to deliver the legal responsibilities of drinks producers under Scotland's deposit return scheme regulations.

The company was set up more than two years ago by over 95% of the market in order to raise the investment and create the infrastructure needed for the industry's producers, retailers and wholesalers to meet their regulatory obligations, and to support trade associations.

Circularity Scotland was approved as a scheme administrator by the Scottish Government in 2021, with its Operating Plan was approved by SEPA the following year.

As well as handling the financial and logistical aspects of the scheme, Circularity Scotland actively helps drinks producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers to understand the support available to them for the implementation of the deposit return scheme. It also plays a part in educating the public about how the scheme will work for them and how it will benefit both the economy and the environment.

Being appointed as a scheme administrator allows Circularity Scotland to deliver a world-class deposit return scheme that works for everyone.

Delivering a deposit return scheme in Scotland

We are the first company of this kind in the UK and operate to exemplary standards of corporate governance. Our team is professional and highly experienced, having been created to ensure that deposits flow efficiently between producers, retailers and consumers, and that collection and sorting activities operate at the lowest possible cost.

We determine and collect the fees that producers contribute to the system, and manage the return handling fees payable to return point operators. The revenue from any unredeemed deposits and the sale of recyclable materials will be used to develop and refine the scheme's infrastructure and systems to improve recapture rates.

As a company created to benefit everyone in Scotland, we operate to the highest ethical and environmental standards. We have the resources to bring insights from the 40 other deposit return schemes operating worldwide to create the very best system possible for Scotland.

Being a responsible employer is one of our highest priorities. We support the creation of green jobs and circular economy employment across Scotland and demonstrate best practices in all our activities, encouraging inclusivity and universal adoption of the minimum living wage.


Our members include some of Scotland’s largest drinks producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers, as well as key trade organisations that represent the interests of thousands of smaller and medium-sized companies. Membership is open to those who meet the entry criteria.