All drinks producers will have a legal duty to comply with the regulations laid out in The Deposit and Return Scheme for Scotland Regulations 2020. The Producer Agreement is the contract that producers will use to appoint Circularity Scotland to deliver those obligations on their behalf.  

What is the producer agreement?

The Producer Agreement is the contract between Circularity Scotland and drinks producers who want it to fulfil their obligations under the DRS regulations. It formalises the duties that Circularity Scotland will adopt on a producer’s behalf and stipulates what will be required of the producer.  The agreement also defines how the two organisations will work together to facilitate the most efficient and effective delivery of the Deposit Return Scheme.

What is included in the producer agreement?

The agreement details every aspect of how Circularity Scotland will administer the scheme for you and the way it will collect your data for accounting and reporting. 

It specifies product registration marking and coding, how the producer fee is calculated, and what measures are in place to address fraud. It highlights the implications and opportunities associated with different types of EAN codes used on products.

It also details your rights to use the recycled materials and indicates future standards for ancillary materials that can be used in your containers. 

What information you’ll need to provide

Producers will have to inform us of the number of in-scope drinks containers they are putting into the Scottish market and their relevant product codes. As well as actual numbers sold, they will be required to provide annual forecasts of numbers anticipated and updates if these forecasts change significantly through the year.  


All producers will be treated equally and have the same agreement whatever size they are. Because the producer fee is set per container, everyone pays for the scheme according to what they produce.

The Producer Agreement is available in the document portal.