Registering well ahead of that date is essential to get everything you will need in place to operate within the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). 

Why register with Circularity Scotland 

We will lead you through the process and ensure that you are meeting all legal requirements. Our streamlined systems will enable your business to operate within the DRS with minimal disruption and costs. Registering with Circularity Scotland means you won’t have to register with SEPA because we will do that for you. 

How will registration work? 

We are currently refining the registration process and will inform producers, who register for updates, how the process will work and precisely what will be needed.

What information you’ll need to provide 

We’ll need an estimate from you, forecasting annual sales of all relevant drink products within Scotland.  You will need to register all the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) codes for these products and we’ll also need the appropriate GTIN/UPC/EAN codes for monitoring purposes. For each code you will need to tell us if it’s for the whole of the UK or just for sale in Scotland.  We will also need you to provide us with samples of the packaging. This is so that automated collection machinery can be configured to accurately identify packaging as it is returned.  


We anticipate that we will be able to start registering producers during 2022 . Sign up to find out when you can start your full registration process.

Ideally, you should register as soon as you are able. There is no fixed deadline but, to trade legally after the launch date, you will need to have everything required by the regulations in place and operating smoothly.

Based on other similar systems operating in Europe, we estimate it will take six weeks to fully process registrations, and we estimate that over 4,500 producers will be registering through us, as scheme administrators, so we would advise starting the registration process as soon as our systems go live.

Producers may add and amend product details online provided you meet the regulatory obligations and timescales. Any new additions or amendments you make will result in a workflow alert to a member of our Customer Services team so it can be verified and accepted. 

Producers can delist product details online provided they meet rules relating to timing.  Delisting will trigger a workflow alert so it can be verified and checked by a member of our Customer Services team.