To begin the registration process with Circularity Scotland, click the button below:


To continue registration with Circularity Scotland, click this button:


There is some information that you will need to be able to complete your registration, please have this to hand.  You are able to stop your registration at any point and the portal will save your progress.

Before you start, consider whether you may be able to apply for an exemption. Exemptions are based on proximity to another return point, or for environmental health reasons.  These can be applied for through Zero Waste Scotland.  To find out more and apply for an exemption visit the ZWS website

You will need the below information to be able to complete your return point registration.  

  • Your organisation’s name and address
  • Your company registration number (you can find this on the Companies House website or on your incorporation certificate)
  • Your organisation’s VAT number
  • Names and dates of birth of those who control the organisation
  • Names and contact details of key individuals in your organisation
  • Details of each Return Point, including:
    • Registered name
    • Name above the door (if different to the registered name)
    • Your store name or identifier
    • Site address and contact details
    • Opening hours
    • Return Point type (eg manual, reverse vending machine)
    • SIC code
    • An estimate of the number of units you will return

Further guidance will be given at each step as you go through the registration process.